Friday, 15 February 2019

We are under way for 2019!

Rūma Wha is settling in well and getting to know one another.  Exploration Space, Workshops, Growth Mindset and Art are some of the themes we've been exploring in the Kapowai Pod (dragonflies).

Here are some of our creations!  Deja

 We learned how to take an image, add some other images and snap a grid line on it to scale and enlarge.  Here we used our school spirits and some characters from eeny meeny nz (stationary supplier) to enter a chalk mural contest so we can earn some more art for our classes!

 The finished product!  This is just outside our door!  You might want to come and see it before the rain or feet take it away!  The children were so proud of their work!

 Here is our water colour dragon fly art!  Students were only given three primary water colours and learned to mix colours to get the secondary colours.

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